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Polo engineering born in the 90s by a working group that has gained experience long-lasting and of great significance in software development at national level..

The basis of applications based on technologies and paradigms of
Rule-based solution, borrowed from the world of artificial intelligence and applied in the technical realities of the manufacturing sector. This approach allows the study of projects and implementation of specialized software where necessary integration between databases, logical configuration, connections, layout and space management.

The application based on logic are fully manageable by the customer and solve problems related to products brilliantly handled either in modules to finished components. Of great content is the expertise gained in the field of lighting industry in the management of equipment and photometric calculations
The active projects are involved important manufacturing industries with particular reference to Office & Living Furniture and Lighting sectors.

Graphics applications interact with the de facto world standard in design and drafting Autocad: the status
Autodesk Developer Network provides the customer the highest level of expertise.

The Company is qualified Microsoft Certified Solution Provider certify all applications on Windows standards. Polo is a member of the engineering program for the provision of
AutocadOEM Autodesk, AutoCAD engine integrated in some types of applications such as Sistema5. The qualification of /span>Adobe Partner Solution is given to automation applications on the standard lists Framemaker.