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FARAM: Leading company among Office Furniture Manufacturers, a few years ago it designed a new high-tech wall, with aluminium tracks and glass/wooden panels, at present well-known in the market with the name of P600.
An integrated space-planning and quotation system was absolutely needed, which starting from base components was able to manage elaborate projects, taking out pieces of information, both of graphical nature and on the amount of pieces needed for manufacturing on customized components.
Basing itself on graphical AutoCAD standards, this application successfully dealt with high level technical issues and usability in the company’s own seat and branches.
Faram finally chose to introduce Sistema5 together with the Sequencer module, successfully solving problems related to the space-planning of both big layouts and single partition wall lines.
Up to now Faram uses Sistema5 both in its seat and branches in order to manage all wall and furniture lines, with great results in automation processing, from layout creation to data supply manufacturing.

Link www.faram.it