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January 2015 - AutoCAD 2015 Integration
The integration to AutoCAD 2015 has been completed. It includes the new version of AutoCAD but Sistema5 and C-NETic have much more ... .

July 2015 - Permasteelisa Group renews Sistema5 contract
Permasteelisa Group, the group that most of all aimed at the "Feature manager", renews contract with Polo Engineering; System5 is the basis of the "production launch" for the wall-partition division of the group... .

January 2014 - AutoCAD 2014 Integration
The integration to AutoCAD 2014 has been completed. It includes the preparation for the new version of AutoCAD... .

August 2012 - AutoCAD 2013 Integration
The integration to AutoCAD 2013 is in progress through the development of a "Major Release"... .

January 2012 - C-NETic Relased for PTM Technology
PTM Technology, a world-wide company leader in the supply of chain and belt conveyors, bucket elevators and alimentary machinery, choses C-NETic for the configuration management of these complex machines, and for quotation delivery... .

January 2012 - Oddicini Industries, a succeeding history
C-NETic is in use in Oddicini Industries since more than one year. The software version includes also B2B modules... .

Sistema 5 - 2012
The new release 2012 is now available for all customers, implements the 2011 improvements... .

January 2012 - iGuzzini Illuminazione – iN Configurator
From the collaboration born with Photos, the 10-years historcal lighting software by Polo Engineering, it’s born the iN Systems Configurator, a tool to facilitate the layout of the luminaire fittings series IN... .

March 2011 - C-NETic PTM Technology signed an agreement with Polo Engineering
PTM Technology, a leading global provider of belt and chain, and machinery in the food sector, rely on C-NETic configuration management of the machines, aimed at drawing up the quote... .

March 2011 - Permasteelisa interiors renews its trust in Sistema5
Continues for 2011, the association of Permasteelisa Interiors Division, a global leader based in Vittorio Veneto and Polo engineering... .

January 2011 - Design Office Altovalore choose Sistema5
Sistema5 enter into Altovalore organization, an important agreement that provides for the introduction of our solution based on space planning and quotation tool inside the technical office of Company located in Poggibonsi... .

Sistema 5 - 64-bit AutoCAD
From January 10 is available for all customers, the version of Sistema5 compatible with Autocad 2010/2011on 64-bit architecture....

Oddicini, the C-NETic choise
Starting from September 2010 C-NETIC is in use at Oddicini. The version adopted has both the on-line configurator and the module for managing B2B offers. Integration with Sistema5 keeps up to date online stores with minimum effort ...

Plug-in-Photos iGuzzini in Dialux and Relux
A plug-in Photos derived from (the lighting calculation software developed by more than a decade by Polo enginnering for iGuzzini) is implemented in the solution as well as in Dialux Relux .... ..


Our new Head Office


Our Company works in the field of Software Engineering, urged by customers to constant innovation and search for solutions being a real advantage for companies’ own manufacturing process. Our competence, matured during years of experience, makes our staff highly professional for the development of database application and technical graphics. Our projects involve leading manufacturing industries, especially in Office&Living Furniture and lighting technique fields.
Our staff and work have drawn their inspiration from a sole principle: "quality of things always depends on quality of people"

Autodesk Developer
Autodesk Compatibile
Adobe Partner
Microsoft Developer

Applications are based on Rule-based technologies and solution paradigms supported by artificial intelligence and applied to technical realities of manufacturing industries. This kind of approach enables the study of projects and the realization of specific software, where the integration among databases, configuration logics, space connections and layout creations are required. At present our projects involve leading manufacturing industries with particular reference to the Office&Living Furniture and lighting technique fields.


Faram: Sistema5 is used within Faram and its branches for wall and furniture lines. Especially the well-known P600, a high-tech wall, takes advantage of the Sequencer module for managing base components, especially in the management of complex projects...

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MEP: Price list automation through ListS 5 brought great flexibility in the management of partial and complete price lists written in Italian. MEP has been using Sistema 5 as integrated space-planning tool for more than 4 years now. With unceasing regard to its customers, it develops new projects improving the level of supplied services...

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PMDesign - Permasteelisa Group: characterized by great flexibility in metal/wooden partition wall manufacture, it has now found in Sistema 5 , together with Features Manager , a prompt answer to problems related to the management of variants/options, module-characteristic parameters, drafts, projects and price calculation and base component quantities...

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iGuzzini illuminazione: Photos represents an integrated solution to Space-planning, device configuration, calculations and lighting technique testing. Since ever Polo Engineering cooperates with Guzzini’s technical staff for further developing this system, which is now strategic for the international sales network of the company, an Italian leading industry in the field...

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From engineering and Polo Websolute born C-NETIC: the first entirely Web-based 3D configurator capable of handling quotes and orders using 3D models. C-NETIC defines a new model of communication, fostering a real synergy in the supply chain company, dealer, end user.



Leading solution in the market, Sistema5 represents the integration of product configuration, design and budgeting dedicated to the commercial furniture industry, partitions / facilities, office systems, modular furniture. Ascolta Trascrizione fonetica Dizionario - Visualizza dizionario dettagliato

Based on the standard chart for managing Autocad layout, may maintain a management released to the choice of articles, product configuration, production estimates including the graphical display component. Heart of the system is the engine Features Manager , a powerful product configurator for the management of separate parametric. With this technology, Sistema 5 is able to provide an adequate response to the needs of furniture shopping wineskin to those areas with similar problems. The suites are Sistema 5 configuration modules and project management through the web as well as modules for the automation of paper lists. Today many of the leading manufacturers of Office, Living, and Shop Fitting Furniture, Sistema 5 have chosen as a working tool for the engineering department and the Dealer Network.


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