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MEP, leading company in the field of small, medium and big sale area furniture supply, has been using Sistema5 as integrated space-planning tool for more than 4 years. At present it meets the requirements of more than 150 customers, achieving top integration levels.
After the experience in 1997 they needed to integrate electronic price lists of Sistema5 with the management of papery price lists, in order to organize data flow organization. Polo engineering helped the introduction of ListS5 in the company’s price list process. By managing a single database, it is now possible to produce through automation papery price lists. The creation of partial and complete price lists in several languages is now easier and more flexible and provides the company with real competitive advantages on the market. At present MEP is joining Polo engineering in a new project to enable via WEB product configuration and on-line project publishing, once again being open to innovative ways of thinking with increasing regard to the needs of its customers.

Link www.mep.it