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January 2015 - AutoCAD 2015 Integration has been completed
The integration with AutoCAD 2015 has been completed. This release provides the version of the software Polo able to interact with the new Autodesk systems. Besides this Sistema5 and C-NETic propose important news especially in terms of new forms of integration, data mining and reporting. Also this year Autodesk update their systems with important news. At the exit of the updates follows an activity of adjustment and extension of solutions Polo Engineering working in close integration with AutoCAD. Polo Engineering maintains compatibility with earlier versions until 2008. Further information ( AutoCAD 2015 news  )

July 2014 - Permasteelisa Group renews confidence in Sistema5
Permasteelisa Group, the group that most of all aimed at the "Feature manager", renews contract with Polo Engineering; Sistema5 is the basis of the "production launch" for the division walls of the group using a module specially developed for the well-known industrial group. Many do not know in fact that the module "Feature Manager" was developed in the first version just following the specifications provided by PMDesign, the division of finishing and partition-walls of the group. Further information ( Permasteelisa Group  )

January 2014 - AutoCAD 2014 Integration has been completed
The integration with AutoCAD 2014 has been completed; it provides the new version connector of the software Polo able to interact with the new Autodesk systems. Also this year, Autodesk update their systems with important news. At the exit of updates follows a business of adaptation and extension of the Polo Engineering solutions that operate in close integration with AutoCAD. Polo Engineering also maintains compatibility with previous versions up to 2008. Further information ( AutoCAD 2014 news  )

August 2013 - AutoCAD 2013 Integration in progress
AutoCAD 2013 software family integration is in progress at Polo Enginneering. This process consists in the development of a brand new "Major Release" of all the Polo software suites. As known, Autodesk realizes a completely new version every three years. 2013 expects the throw of the CAD engine version 19 with very important news. As a consequence of the update Polo Engineering started an activity of adaptation and extension of the solutions that operate in tight integration with AutoCAD. Polo Engineering, in quality of associated ADN (Autodesk Developer Network) obtains a preview of the development environments to accomplish this task. Further information ( AutoCAD 2013 news  )

January 2012 - C-NETic Released for PTM Technology
PTM Technology, a world-wide company leader in the supply of chain and belt conveyors, bucket elevators and alimentary machinery, choses C-NETic for the configuration management of these complex machines, and for quotation delivery. The complete software was released at the end of 2011 and it will be extended to the world-wide partners of the Company of Este (PD). Thanks to C-NETic solution the product configuration and the on-line quotation management will concur to an improvement of the management of the sale processes and dialogue between head company and partners, with great effectiveness and flexibility. For more information  ( goto site  )

January 2012 - Oddicini Industries, a succeeding history
C-NETic is in use in Oddicini Industries since more than one year. The software version includes also B2B modules. The result are impressive and allows the business network to use an integrated solution for the management of the configuration products and quotation tools. The integration with Sistema5, off-line technical solution, allows to update the archives with the minimal effort and at the same time it puts on hand of the Oddicini network an powerfull instrument on-line. For more information  ( goto site  )

January 2012 - iGuzzini Illuminazione - iN Configurator
From the collaboration born with Photos, the 10-years history lighting software by Polo Engineering for the iGuzzini organization, the world-wide Company leader of lighting systems, it’s born the iN Systems Configurator, a tool to facilitate the layout of the luminaire fittings series IN30, IN60, IN90. The software allows to create all the possible combinations choosing between topology of installation, lengths, lamps and many other characteristics. It is possible to save the combinations already realized and to obtain the directory of the necessary codes for the realization of the chosen configuration and installation information. The configurator is available in 5 languages inside of the iGuzzini online catalogue in the section dedicated to the iN products ( iGuzzini.it  ) and can be downloaded also in version usable stand-alone in offline mode.

March 2011 - C-NETic  PTM Technology signed an agreement with Polo engineering
PTM Technology, a leading global provider of chain conveyors, bucket elevators, and machinery in the food sector, rely on C-NETic configuration management of the machines, aimed at drawing up the quote. The instrument will come into use by the entire network of worldwide technology partners of the Company of Este (PD). The project has a start-up expected in September 2011, with an intense schedule of joint work between the two companies. The product configuration and quote on-line will enable a significant improvement of the management of sales processes and dialogue between the Headquarter and Partner, using the tools that the C-Netic solution provides great flexibility and efficiency. For more information  ( goto site  )

March 2011 - Permasteelisa interiors renews its trust in Sistema5
Continues for 2011, the association of Permasteelisa Interiors Division, a global leader based in Vittorio Veneto and Polo engineering. Sistema5, in use for several years into the technical office, shall act as the collector between different business applications, particularly in the configuration of wall partition in which the potential Features Manager module is fully applicable.

January 2011 - Altovalore Office Design choose Sistema5
Sistema5 enter into Altovalore organization, an important agreement that provides the introduction of our solution based on space planning and quotation tool inside the technical office of Company located in Poggibonsi. A first phase of the project will focus on the partition wall and then extend the new production management, even the open space division. AVOffice Design is a company rapidly expanding and highly dynamic market, the choice of Sistema5 gained after careful analysis, testifies to the validity of the solution to the market.

Sistema 5 2011
The new release 2011 is available for all customers, implements the improvements established during the year 2010 with full compatibility with the S.O. 64-bit based. Customers with active Maintenance Agreement can download the current version from the FTP site of the Polo engineering

Sistema5- 2011 - 64-bit AutoCAD
From January 10 is available for all customers, the version of Sistema5 compatible with Autocad 2010/2011on 64-bit architecture. Customers with active Maintenance Agreement may contact Polo Engineering to receive the upgrade and installation support.

Oddicini, the C-NETic choise.
Starting from September 2010 C-Netic  ( goto site  )is in use at Oddicini Industries. The version adopted has both the on-line configuration and a module for managing B2B quotations. Integration with Sistema5 keeps up to date online stores with minimum effort and at the same time provides the network an effective online tool for managing products and quotations.

The Plug-in of Photos-iGuzzini in Dialux and Relux
A plug-in derived from Photos (the lighting calculation software developed from beyond a decade from Polo Enginnering for the iGuzzini) comes implemented in the solution Dialux beyond that in Relux: the two multivendor systems very spread in Europe in the specific area. The Plug-in of Photos meet the requests of configuration of the products of the Company of Recanati.


Sistema5 - SQL Server
It’s now available the new version based on Microsoft SQL2008 engine database. It is a considerable progress for the Businesses that require the greatest levels of efficiency and safety. The possibility of conversation with different applications are remarkably increased with the adoption of this version, thanks to the intrinsic features that the engine and the language developed SQL make available. Companies will be able to decide to migrate completely to this version and/or to supply Client licenses for external distribution based on Miccrosoft Access. Once again Sistema5 reasserts the goodness of the actual data model marked to improve the route of efficiency inside Companies.

Solidworks Partnership
Polo Engineering, in collaboration with the Nuovamacut, the most important Italian distributor of Solidworks, can now supply support and integration of Sistema5 to CAD-CAM environment of the very diffuse IBM-Dassoult platform. A further test of the validity of the given model and logics implemented in Polo Engineering solutions.

Cefla furnishings chooses Sistema5
Signed an important Agreement between Polo Engineering and the Cefla Group-Furnishings Department. The Company with seat in Imola (BO), Leader of market in the area of commercial furnishing, decided to introduce Sistema5 in the actual organization. This new partnership, reached after an attentive evaluation of the present solutions on the market, consolidates the position of Sistema5 among the software solutions dedicated to quotation and planning, with special reference to large player of the market.

Improved the Photos platform, the powerfull application developed by Polo Engineering for the iGuzzini Company S5-Photos is born, that it extends Photos on AutoCAD platform. The application represents a remarkable jump of quality that concurs to operate on the CAD standard platform, maintaining all the potentialities realized in the years for the development of the calculation for internal and external lighting solution.


Sistema5 improve with two new modules delivering expecially dedicated to Open-Space management and complex connectione systems:

Solver : dedicated to Open-Space management and complex connection systems, analyses the layout of base components such as worktops and structures, switches on modes for the automatic positioning of structural elements such as legs, beams, skirts, screens etc. – Customers can intervene on components, both adding, removing or modifying them. Based on an established logic with a language easily modifiable by customers, this system enables endless combinations of component assembly and implementation solutions also when components are inserted later on in the manufacturing process. Together with S5 - Features Manager, this system can completely manage customized components thanks to several modes of feature and price calculation.

S5- Features Manager : a parametric module features-based able to manage item features both as for data management program and for graphical layout. Using features and relevant values and a suitable macro-language a management field of behaviours is obtained where features represent “variable parts of the language”. Thanks to this new module it is possible to manage for instance:

- Graphics element dimensioning
- The positioning of relevant joints and nodes to solve mounting and production information
- The settings of structural variants and material/color options
- The estimate and calcultation of dimensions and quantities at different levels of the part-list
- The price estimate based on special logics
- The generation and re-generation of the codes related to the features


Our new Head Office

Since June 2002 our new Office is situated in via Barignani, in Pesaro’s town centre, in a prestigious restored building with a portico of the Thirteenth Century. Downstairs, in the inside court, we acquired our new offices in order to meet recent development needs. The new seat is further evidence of the spirit of its associate members: innovation in concreteness.

We’d like to thank all the companies co-operating for its realisation:
Architectutal and Engineering:
Impresa Giacomini - Pesaro
Lighting furniture:
iGuzzini Illuminazione
Wall Partition:
Desktops and Containers:
Frezza - Unifor
Sitting Systems:
Frezza – Sedus – Kusch+co
Designer Accessories:
Kartell - De Padova