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WebSolute (www.websolute.it) strategic partner for the deployment of applications and providing solutions to the markets. The companies have glimpsed in the mutual expertise and industry experience, the advantage of a strong synergy to offer concrete solutions to the market and integration with quality guarantees absolute level. The first result of this joint activity, and 'was the development of C-NETIC, of which we find more information on the website www.c-neti.it, a graphical configurator wholly web based products. 

SMC – SMC( http://www.smctv.it) is a strategic partner of Poloengineering for the supply of ERP system. SMC is an important group spread throughout the country aimed at finding solutions to tier one manufacturers. In particular PRACTOR X-Enterprise is an innovative concept of Extended ERP system designed to be suitable tool to increase competitiveness and facilitate business transactions with customers and suppliers. The high level of integration between Sistema5 Practor and led to successful projects, such as Faram and Telki, leading companies in office furniture.

Imos AG (http://www.imoscadcam.com/)è is a German company specializing in the production of software for prototyping and special management in the field of modular furniture. The AutoCAD-based applications are state of the art in terms of interfacing with CNC machining centers. Imos AG has over 10 years with an office in Vicenza, Italy, and has acquired a considerable customer base in Italy. Imos Italy and Poloengineering together to provide specialized solutions in large companies where activities requiring integration and development of software procedures for the integrated management of data in process flows.

Autodesk (www.autodesk.com) represents the standard solutions in the world of CAD. Pole Engineering Autodesk Developer Register, the most prestigious qualification that enables you to develop closer collaboration with the May producer in the world of CAD. Polo Enginering also access policy to integrate the OEM Autocad engine within their own applications, used for several years in the graphics applications of Sistema5.  
AddSoftware (www.addsoftware.it) AddSoftware (www.addsoftware.it) produces the series products AddCad, de facto standard of architectural applications based on AutoCAD. The core module ArcS5, component-based architectural Sistema5 Autocad is made using this powerful application, providing the best available on the market today  
assUfficio (www.federlegno.it)is the organization within ASSARREDO, brings together the majority of producers in Office Supplies. Polo engineering is in continuous contact with the organization to promote activities and seize new market requirements of reference.